Challenge 4

Music| This week we have been asked to create a 16 count musical composition. We are expected to use graphic notion in order to represent this. The focus this week is around recovery- hope and celebration. Discover In this part of the activity I had to create a graphic notation of a familiar tune. I… Continue reading Challenge 4

Challenge 5

DANCE| Recovery- Hope and Celebration This week we focus on Dance. For this challenge I need to incorporate both the theme of challenge 3 which was loss and my original composition for challenge 4, which was music. The main questions throughout this process that we were asked to focus on were; why is creativity important… Continue reading Challenge 5

Challenge 3

Drama This challenge asked me to create an introduction to a storydrama that focused on loss or recovery. I needed to make sure that it involved pre-text, teaching in role framing and incorporated a selection of dramatic strategies to use within the classroom. The story I chose was ‘Drought’ by Jackie French. This is a… Continue reading Challenge 3

Challenge 2

Media Arts- DIGITAL STORYTELLING –DIVERSITY Making it Move (animation) This challenge asked us to create a 6 word story that summed up our journey so far. This was a challenge within itself. I settles on BREATHE. DO. AND CREATE SOME MAGIC!! This is how I feel art is for me. The breathing element symbolises me… Continue reading Challenge 2

Challenge 1

Appreciation and Appraisal My first thoughts of Frida’s ‘the two fridas’ was that there was a stark contrast between the two. One looks to be ‘prim and proper’ whilst the other seems to be more causal and her true self. It shows one with a heart and one without, perhaps two lives. The use of… Continue reading Challenge 1